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Moving to this new apartment has been one of the most amazing things that has happened in the last few years. This new space has such a positive energy, high ceilings, beautiful layout and I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am to have been lucky enough to get this.

I have always loved interiors (I studied Interior Design at Uni), but now that I am decorating this new place, my passion for interior just multiplied by 1000.

With that said, I wanted to give you a little insight to some of my wish list pieces from Westing that I will be bringing over into the new place, as well as some inspo pieces for you (since I can’t fit it all in my house 😅), so let’s begin!

These items above are some of the pieces I got for our living room. I really love the monochromatic look and I can’t wait to put all these puzzle pieces together. I will of course share a post with images of the end result soon but I really wanted to share some of the items I chose.

The Elsie chair is my favourite from this selection, its such a statement piece and creates this softness and comfort in the space. the Jane rug adds that cozy factor, I just need to make sure I use a protect spray to keep it white for as long as possible!

The Benno table is such a versatile piece since it can be used as a stool for extra seating, or as a small side table and the Renee living room table is the perfect size and shape for our space. I debated for a while on whether I should get a rectangular table ir a round one and I nearly went for a longer rectangular one which in hindsight wouldn’t have fitted. This Renne table is small but big enough for the space and it has two layers, so I am able to style it both the top and bottom.

As for the cushions, I wanted to still keep it monochromatic but add quite a bit of texture and some statement pieces like the leopard print and how could I not add this beautiful shell cushion, am I right?


And last but not least, I chose the Luca dining room table in 140cm diameter because I really believed that a round table would be the perfect cherry on top for the dinning room. I have a large space where I set the living room and dining room together, so I wanted a table that would flow with the space, so I didn’t want to have any sharp edges that create divisions.

I linked all the items below the images so its easier for you to find them and stay tuned for the images of my apartment and how I styled all these pieces together!

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